Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaws are a great way to spend some time practising spatial awareness, problem solving, eye-hand co-ordination and concentration with your kids. If you don't have access to a real, physical jigsaw puzzle, or even if you do, try an online one for a change.

At Jigsaw Planet, you can upload your own photo, then choose to make it into between a 4 and 200 piece puzzle. You can select the shape of the pieces too, and there's a very simple shape suitable for toddlers. Once you click create, you're presented with a screen that shows your puzzle pieces scattered. Rearranging is a simple matter of clicking with your mouse and dragging them where you want them. You can get help by requesting "image" to see the picture you started from, and "ghost" to see a transparent underlay of your image, making this an ideal way to help beginners. You can also "scatter" the pieces to start all over again.

Once the puzzle is completed, the screen comes up with your finished image, a congratulatory chime, and the time you took to do the jigsaw. I think kids will enjoy competing against their best time, or against brothers and sisters.

What I liked:

  • the satisfying click when pieces slotted together
  • the fact that you don't need to register to have access to puzzle creation
  • that you can embed the puzzle, the way I did below, and click to play it at the site
  • that there are others' puzzles to try

It might be fun to upload your child's own photo, a scene from your recent holiday, or a picture of his favourite superhero or toy.


  1. I like this site! I'm going to have to explore it more but seems like such a fun idea. You could even email the photo of your child puzzle to a faraway grandparent! Thanks for sharing this great site.

  2. Michelle, that's such an excellent idea - thanks for contributing!

  3. I'm a sucker for jigsaws. I try to stick with the real life versions though - more social.

  4. The social aspect of doing jigsaws with others is definitely my favourite way to go, too. But this is great for those times when you want to use one of your own happy snaps. Although there are probably businesses out there that will turn your pics into a real physical puzzle!

  5. I loved using Jigsaw planet with my students, I often created puzzles with important information on them for students to assemble on the interactive whiteboard.

  6. What a brilliant use of the resource, Kelly! Great way in for spatial learners too.

  7. Melissa Taylor08 February, 2011

    You have the best resources, Susan!

  8. The Book Chook08 February, 2011

    I love to find them, and love to know they're useful Melissa. Thanks for the feedback!


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