Thursday, October 21, 2010


KidsCanHaveFun is a website I found via Twitter recently.

offer kids a way to express their ideas through Printable Activities for kids such as simple paper crafts, coloring, educational worksheets, fun games, kid puzzles and so many more fun kids activities.

The different sections include Crafts, Coloring, Puzzles, Games, Party and SchoolZone. In SchoolZone, there are many educational activities for kids such as printable school papers, educational crosswords and word searches. Coloring includes pictures perfect for Bible Study, as well as more secular ones, and mini-coloring books.

I liked the little pdf booklets with art work for kids to colour, and lines for a short story or description. Themes like Construction, Fairy, Wild Animals and Pets are sure to attract the younger crowd. There are also booklets in pdf format - All About My Pet - where kids are encouraged to finish sentences and add details about their pet bunny, dog or cat.

Printables can save parents and teachers time. KidsCanHaveFun is well-laid out and makes it easy for you to find a certificate or activity you need and saves you re-inventing the wheel. I love their art-work, which you can get an idea of in the cute Noah's Ark picture above. (Used with permission.)

(A couple of the links didn't work in my browser, Safari, but worked fine in Firefox. Site owners say the site works best in IE.)

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