Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let's Celebrate National Chicken Lady Day

National Chicken Lady Day is a special day in the USA, named after a Dr Marthenia 'TINA' Dupree, and designated by ex-President George Bush. But how could I let such a great sounding day go by without flapping my wings and cheering for my feathered friends? So today I'm celebrating chickens, and all who love them.

What better way to celebrate National Chicken Lady day than to create a poster?

I decided to try something new and difficult. Because I'm artistically challenged, usually I borrow other people's art work via generous online editors like ToonDoo, Motivation or Minimizer. I used Toon Doo to make illustrations which I used in How Can We Support Emergent Readers? and Toon Doo Spaces, showed you a poster I made for Cow Appreciation Day at Motivation and shared a cartoon I put together using both Comic Life software and screen grabs I took from the Minimizer site in LEGO and Literacy 2.

For today, the goal was to create my own artwork, and use it to devise a poster about a chicken lady character: Mrs Cluck. I'm hoping once I master chicken drawing, Mrs Cluck might even appear in her own comic.

The last time I tried to draw something, I attempted something simple: a rock. There was much merriment chez Book Chook about Mum's magical cow pat. If you missed my creation, you can catch it in Creative Prompt- What I Like. Perhaps it was time to push myself further and try for something with personality? You be the judge.

Although I contemplated drawing with pencil and scanning that in, I prefer to skip that step to cut down on time. So I tried to draw my chicken with my computer mouse. After several attempts, I ended up with a kid of frog/chicken hybrid - a fricken?

At last, I had my Mrs Cluck, and her poster. With a little luck, you'll see more of Mrs Cluck when I figure out how to draw her in different poses. I'm keen to create a Cluck comic. But right now my drawing muscles are exhausted.

Why do I emphasize comics so much on The Book Chook, anyway? I admit I like them personally for the blog, because online comic editors allow me to illustrate my own ideas graphically, using somebody else's art work. I'm a visual person and love playing with images though I usually don't have a clue what I'm doing.

But the main reason I encourage parents and teachers to use comics with kids is for the benefit they provide to students' writing. The images in comics help many kids to support their own language ideas. They are a scaffold if you like, providing a structure that helps kids create a narrative. And they are a way for kids to reach out to communicate with an authentic audience - their peers and others who love to read graphics and text. Software like Comic Life, and online editors like Toon Doo also give kids a publishable product they can use in a personal or class blog, print out and keep, or send to friends and family.

(There's a great explanation of how to use Comic Life at Macinstruct.)

What will YOU do to celebrate National Chicken Lady Day?


  1. Marjorie @ PaperTigers04 November, 2010

    Welcome, Mrs Cluck! She looks great :)

  2. Thanks Marjorie! I was pleased, but any advance on a magical cow pat looks good to me I guess.

  3. Jennifer Noble05 November, 2010

    I appreciate your willingness to try something to spur others on. The method motivates me for one! :)

  4. Jennifer, my sincere thanks for the feedback. I think once a week is probably too frequent for a creative prompt post, but I'm so pleased to know that others find them useful. I've certainly had fun thinking them up and trying them.

  5. Howdy, Mrs Chook. Mrs Cluck looks might fine to me.

    I'm afraid I did nothing to celebrate Nat'l Chicken Lady Day ezxcept

    Perhaps we'll leave it there. Giggle, cluck cluck.

  6. Hmmph! Kentucky Fried Jeanne coming up!

    I'm glad you like Mrs Cluck - a hint of Kandinsky perhaps? That is my garden in the sub tropics behind her. As I am huddled by the fire right now, the warmth of home is calling!

  7. Well, I was planning on roasting a chook for dinner tonight, then using it's bones to make stock, but I think we'll be having pasta now!

  8. Green pasta maybe? (Has to be better than green chicken!)

  9. National Chicken Lady Day! Who would have thought! I especially like the red skirt. LOL. But next time can you draw on a bikini top or something SHEESH... hehe.

  10. Yes, I've seen your garden and pool before...hence my plans to visit one day. For the company as well, of course.

    Hope you're having a great time in the cold.

  11. Oops! I guess I could try. That would be maybe two triangles and three bits of string, right? (In my case, perhaps large triangles and strong string!)

  12. Well, of course for the company!

  13. It could be a day to celebrate you... thanks for all that you do to promote early literacy. You are a source of inspiration and ideas.
    P.S. Love Mrs Cluck!

  14. Well, I thank you, A fan, for the support!


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