Thursday, November 11, 2010

Simon Says

Looking for a quick game for your kids to play that might actually teach them something while they enjoy themselves? This is a digital version of Simon Says, the game where you try to copy the moves your leader makes. It resembles the electronic board game I remember from way back.

In this online version of Simon Says, you need to watch and listen to a pattern, then repeat it. As the patterns get longer, the game gets harder. This is a great way to help kids develop their visual and auditory memory. I like that there are colour and positional cues as well as sounds. For a Book Chook challenge, try it with your eyes closed when they give you the pattern, and use your ears to work it out. (I lasted about 60 seconds!)


  1. I always loved the game maiden name was Simon so I always felt like the game was created just for me :)

  2. Try it blindfolded and it gains a whole new level of difficulty!


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