Thursday, November 18, 2010

Try a Fun Quiz at Blogthings

Blogthings is a cute place for young people to interact with words and read. There are lots of ads, so it's definitely best for children with parent supervisors. For kids who are not yet convinced about the joy of reading a novel, it might be a place to interest them in the idea of reading and taking a quiz, then they could move on to a quiz in a magazine, or newspapers. 

It purports to have a quiz for instance that will deduce who you are as an Australian animal. I don't think anyone is going to take it too seriously, but after answering a few quick questions, I found out I was a sugar glider.

You Are a Sugar Glider

You are both cute and active. You are very curious about the world around you.

People may find that you are a bit quirky and offbeat, but you are truly very intelligent.

You are very social, and you bring a playful element to every occasion.

You are easygoing and not at all aggressive. You only will act to defend yourself.

There are hundreds of topics though spelling isn't their strong suit. Students could innovate on the idea and make up their own quizzes, perhaps for a topic they're studying: What Kind of Fish Are You?

I also found a How's Your Vocabulary? quiz. This would be a fun thing to do before starting a program to enrich your own vocabulary - like subscribing to Anu Garg's Word a Day, or others in this Make Use Of article. Don't forget that a great way to enrich your child's vocabulary is to read aloud from great children's literature, not forgetting the classics!


  1. Some cute quizzes but you are right... there are a lot of ads. And I'm a Jellyfish! lol. Love it!

  2. Anyone less like a jellyfish than you Kelly, would be hard to find!

  3. I am a kangaroo.

    I hate webpages full of spelling errors. Haven't they heard of spell checker?

  4. Maybe parents and teachers could use the site to get their kids to practise proof-reading?

  5. That is fun! Thanks for sharing.


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