Thursday, November 25, 2010

Writing Fun

You've probably guessed by now that I love to think of kids being involved in creative activities like writing, drawing, constructing, choreography, and improvisation. Because I'm a writer, I'm particularly interested in finding ways for kids to become involved in writing, however long or short it is, and ideas for getting them started. That's one of the reasons I started my Creative Prompt series.

But sometimes children need to write things that might not allow as much room for their own creativity. Schools in particular are keen on teaching students to write the different text types, as well as on learning to recognize their features and read them. After all, we can't only read fantasy all our lives, even if it's our preferred genre.

Jenny Eather has a wonderful website to support young learners with this. Writing Fun explains the different text types, gives a possible structure for them, and includes tips in a sidebar. Then it allows kids to compose their own examples inside a template, and print them in the template format. The text organizers actually help students with the writing process, giving them a structure to work within. You can also look at examples other students have done.

You'll find these text types: Information Report, Narrative, Procedure, Response, Recount, Description, Explanation, Persuasion/Exposition, Discussion and Poetry, plus some everyday texts: Letter, Email, Invitation, News. All of the organizers are available in Word format for download too.

If your child brings home a writing assignment asking for a recount or a procedure, and you're not sure of the difference, stop by Writing Fun for help! And if you're a teacher, I recommend this site as a wonderful resource.


  1. Thanks for finding this site Susan. I really like the way it not only shows the text types but gives some examples of the forms which they might take. Very useful. I will share this with people I work with.

  2. I love the fact that it's solid but interactive too, Joy. Great scaffolding but encouraging kids to have fun with it too!

  3. Kelly Burstow26 November, 2010

    BC the Writing Fun site looks wonderful. Thank you for telling me about it. And no ads too!

    I would love you to do a post in the new year about getting ready for school and these sort of links to help me help the children. I'll have 3 at school next year. WOW! This is good in on way but I do miss them so.

  4. Sure! Can you email me their ages/grades, and tell me any details like subjects kids are finding tricky, sorts of sites you'd like to find?

  5. Kelly Burstow26 November, 2010

    YES! I'll do that! TY.


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