Friday, January 28, 2011

Changes at The Book Chook Blog

Did you realise we are already seeing some changes at The Book Chook? Thanks to Lady Java, I have a prettier and more spacious blog, a paler background and a tweaked banner. Those of you reading via RSS won't notice any difference, but I hope others like it as much as I do.

In 2011, my emphasis will still be on great children's literature, literacy and learning, but I plan to have many more guest writers, of both reviews and articles. If this is something that interests you, please get to know the blog first by subscribing to it, or browsing published articles. You should understand my emphasis is on great children's literature, literacy and learning. You should share my philosophy of encouraging kids to learn in a natural way, by playing and having fun where possible. And you should write clearly and concisely, in an easy conversational style.

Undaunted? If you're still interested in writing a guest post or review of a book or educational product for The Book Chook, email me with your proposal via the Contact Me tab, above. All I can promise you if I publish your article or review is exposure to a growing global audience, plus a link to your own blog and/or website in your bio.

One regular special feature on The Book Chook is "A Book That Impacted My Life - (your name goes here)". If you'd like to submit an article of between 250 and 500 words, explaining which book made an impact on your life, and why, use the Contact Me tab above. My preference goes to children's books. You can see an example article in the first of the series, A Book That Impacted My Life - Kelly Burstow.


  1. I need to give this some thought but potentially I'd be really interested. I have lots of books on my shelf that I want to write about at the moment but not enough time!

  2. The Book Chook28 January, 2011

    I hear you on that one, Zoe! Love to have you guest post/guest review, so contact me if you ever reach the end of the TBR pile.

  3. Hi :) Thanks for dropping by my blog! Your blog is amazing! I am making myself a cuppa so I can sit back and read :)


  4. The Book Chook29 January, 2011

    Hi Christine! Hope you find something here to interest you.

  5. It looks wonderful!

  6. The Book Chook05 February, 2011

    Thanks Kelly!


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