Friday, January 7, 2011

Make a Comic at Digger and the Gang

Here's another great offering from the BBC. At Digger and The Gang, there are three comic templates, and kids can simply click on each speech bubble to write their own words. Text needs to be short - about 20/30 letters and it runs out. Some frames are clickable, meaning the picture can be changed. Stories are about an underwater, jungle or city adventure. You don't need to register/log in, and you can print out your creation.

At the main website, kids can also read about the characters the templates were designed around, and enjoy other activities like mixing music, creating secret messages or reading comic style animations about the gang's adventures.

Some other comic creators I've recommended are Comic Master, Stripcreator, Beanotown, Creaza's Cartoonist, Story Maker, StoryJumper, Make Beliefs Comix, Toon Doo, and Myths and Legends.


  1. Terry Doherty07 January, 2011

    I love the idea of offering kids the story behind the characters. The more we can show them the "pieces" the better the odds that they will say "I can do this!" Thanks Susan.

  2. The Book Chook07 January, 2011

    You're right Terry. It's such a great moment when all the elements come together for a child, isn't it!

  3. What fun! The kids will really enjoy the story behind it and being able to create their own!

  4. The Book Chook07 January, 2011

    I think so too, Kelly!

  5. zoe.toft@kuvik.net08 January, 2011

    M is just getting in to cartoons but I'm don't like to encourage her to spend more time at the computer (plus J then tries to do the same and it all ends in tears) so I wonder if there are physical book versions that do the same thing - I guess they would be fairly easy to make - I could photocopy something existing, but blank out the text and then laminate the pages.

    Of the comic creators you list, do you have a favourite?

  6. www.staceyloscalzo.com08 January, 2011

    What a fun find! We're having a snow day here- creating a comic will be a perfect activity for the afternoon!

  7. The Book Chook08 January, 2011

    Ho Zoe! I reviewed a physical book recently, Your Life in Comics, that does what you want, but it is pitched at older kids than M. I've used your idea of whiting out the dialogue and printing out a page for kids and it works fine.

    A series of cartoon books I can thoroughly recommend is Larry Gonnick's Cartoon History of the Universe. These introduced my son to ancient and modern history at an early age, and I love them too.

    It's so hard to pick a favourite as each may answer a different need. Toon Doo is the one I find myself using most for my blog as it has a huge range of art work available.

  8. The Book Chook08 January, 2011

    Lovely to picture cartoon-making while the snow falls outside, Stacey - cosy creativity!

  9. Aiming4Simple09 January, 2011

    My daughters would love doing this! Thanks for the tip!

  10. zoe.toft@kuvik.net09 January, 2011

    Thanks for such a great reply Susan. Off to check out those links you've included.

  11. The Book Chook10 January, 2011

    Thanks for the feedback, Aiming4Simple! I'm not sure how old your girls are, but some of the editors are easier than others to work out quickly. Digger is easy, in my opinion.


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