Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Warning: this post may contain traces of violence

I'm definitely in the pro-peace lobby. But I cannot close my eyes to the reality that war exists, and that battles, fighting, guns and explosions are a very attractive part of our culture to many people. My husband and son both enjoy movies and books about the history of war, and also seem to thrive on movie scenes with plenty of action, massive bangs, and unlimited gore. Yet both are gentle and kind men who in real life go out of their way to rescue injured animals and help others.

So I'm in two minds about websites like this next one. It's called Michael Bayifier, after the producer/director, Michael Bay, and I found it via MakeUseOf.com. In essence, it's an image editor. You upload a photo or choose one of theirs the way I did. Then you click on clip art - gun, explosion, bomb, fighter jet etc - and size and position it the way you want on your image.

I suspect kids understand that fantasy is just that. Boys in particular seem to enjoy adding an element of danger to their stories and art work. If you're okay with that, you might like to allow your child access to Michael Bayifier. Starting with a picture can be one way for kids to begin writing, and in my mind, that's a definite plus!

If you're interested in using images as prompts for children's writing, you might like to read author Sandy Fussell's guest post, Becoming a Story Detective,  link to my series of Creative Prompts, many of which include pictures, or read Fast and Fun Writing with KidsQuick Writing Online, and Keep Calm and Carry On


  1. This will be very popular with the boys!

  2. The Book Chook06 February, 2011

    Bless their kaboom-loving hearts!


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