Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Word Fun at Only Connect

I guess you've worked out by now that I love word games, and think they're great to teach kids. Today I want to share a game that is my new favourite as an adult. Kids might need some help with this one, but I think it would be fun, and a tremendous learning experience, to involve them in trying to work out where the clues lead.

Only Connect is a BBC TV show, and it has a great online presence. The idea is to choose a word wall. Then you get sixteen clues, which you have to sort into four connected groups of four. The connection is the tricky part, as some clues may fit into more than one category. You have three minutes only.

So, for example, you find the words: queen, typhoon, virgin and contrary. You decide the link is that they are all different kinds of Mary. Once you choose four tiles, you are told if they are connected or not. If not, you can try again, but as the game moves on, you only get three lives or you're out. If you do sort out all sixteen tiles into four groups, you then get bonus points if you can name the connection.

I think we could adapt this to a real life game we could play with kids. Use or create a bunch of cards with a word on each. You might already have suitable flash cards or spelling word cards. Choose sixteen cards in four categories - they might be: things we can do (ride, walk, jump, run), colours (red, blue, orange, green), things in our house (TV, stove, chair, table), animals (cat, dog, elephant, zebra). Shuffle those sixteen cards, then lay them out face up and ask your child to sort them into four groups, without mentioning the categories. Of course, as kids get older, the fun will come from choosing words that can fit into more than one category, to make it tricky for them.

If you want some more word games to teach your kids, check out the Book Chook Bag of Tricks via the tab above. If you're looking for one to buy as a gift for your kids, the board game, Blurt, comes with The Book Chook Feather of Approval!

What's your favourite word game? I'm always keen to discover new ones!


  1. WOW! Had a look and what a great way to expand your vocab!

  2. The Book Chook05 January, 2011

    It's addictive and I think teens might handle it, Kelly, but your youngsters might enjoy the modified version. Anything that encourages thinking and problem solving is such a great feature in a game I believe!


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