Thursday, February 10, 2011

Create Art at Aminah's World

Here's a lovely webspace where kids can create a digital collage. It was created by the Columbus Museum of Modern Art, and is called Aminah's World.

Children simply have to click on elements to add them to their pictures. They can choose from mud cloth, kente cloth, miscellaneous fabric, feathers, paper, ties, found objects, yarn and stitching, buttons and shells.

If you choose something you don't want, you can drag it to the trash bin. Resizing an object is via a plus/minus sign, and rotating a matter of clicking little arrows. Once objects are placed, they can also be dragged to another position.

Clicking Save takes you to a page where you can download the artwork to your computer, and/or add it to the online gallery by filling out first name, location and current grade. My image top left downloaded quickly and easily as a jpg.

Aminah is Ohio artist, Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, who combines traditional art materials with found objects and everyday materials to create two and three dimensional works of art. Learn more about this fascinating artist at Aminah's World
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