Monday, February 28, 2011

Looking Back to February Past

The end of the month is when I look back to my blog posts from earlier years. I did that in this Backwards Day post for the month of January. Today, it's February's turn.


Book Chook Read Aloud Roundup 1 and Book Chook Read Aloud Roundup 2. Share in favourite read aloud books from Book Chook friends.

No Time to Read to Kids. Can we change the appalling fact that parents don't read to kids?

My Dream. Why I so passionately believe in reading to children.


Maps. I just love maps and found some great online resources to share.

Fold Me Up, Scotty. Interested in crafts? Some excellent origami resources to get you folding.

Make a Movie with Xtranormal and Try Making a Mini Movie with Dvolver describe two websites that encourage kids to make their own short movies.

Celebrate Storytelling Week. Resources for storytelling.

Letter to the Book Chook - Reading Challenge or Reading Chore. Should kids read below their ability level? and Letter to The Book Chook - Free Reading Material. A mum wants inexpensive reading material for her kids.

Create a Story with StoryJumper. You were thinking maybe a recipe for glue? No, it's a story maker!

If you're looking for book reviews from February 09 and 10, try the archive at right for those months.

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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, public domain. Cute, eh?
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