Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Children's Book Review, Leprechauns Never Lie

Just in time for St Patrick's Day on March 17, we have a children's book review with a hint o' the Irish from Deirdre Smith, accompanied by an activity you can try with your kids.

Leprechauns may never lie, but they can stretch the truth. In Leprechauns Never Lie, Lorna Balian has written and illustrated a wonderful book about a leprechaun who gets caught while moving his gold around the farm of an ailing grandmother named Gram, and her lazy granddaughter Ninny Nanny.

Gram and Ninny Nanny need so much done around their farm. The roof needs to be thatched, the firewood needs to be gathered, the potato patch is filled with unharvested potatoes, and the water barrel is empty. Ninny Nanny doesn’t feel like doing any of those chores. Instead she decides to find a leprechaun and become rich.

Ninny Nanny isn’t very careful where she walks while hunting for a leprechaun and actually trips over a log right onto one. She probably wouldn’t have found one any other way. The leprechaun is sly and sneaky. He tells Ninny Nanny where his gold has been instead of where it currently is through most of the book.

As Ninny Nanny searches each location, she completes one of the necessary chores. The leprechaun has to give her guidance on how to look and complete the chores, but she completes them.

By the end of the book Ninny Nanny tires of the leprechaun and his tales of where the gold is hidden. He does tell her where to look, but she doesn’t do a thorough job of looking and misses the treasure.

Hide the Shamrock

Almost every night we play hide and go seek as a family. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we decorated shamrocks we could use to play find the shamrock.

JDaniel had the best time coloring the shamrocks with crayons.

He had an even better time hiding them and trying not to guide us to them.

Deirdre Smith was a classroom teacher and technology integration specialist in elementary schools for twenty years. Although she shared a lot of knowledge with her students and learned a lot from them, it wasn’t until she became a mom that she truly came to understand that was like to share and learn beside a child.

She shares the lessons she is learning and her reflections on parenting on her blog JDaniel4’s Mom. The blog also focuses on reading and learning explorations with her son JDaniel along with mom related reviews and giveaways.

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