Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking Back to March Past

Are you wondering what today's blog title signifies? No, I'm not recalling those heady high school days when we had to practise marching past our teachers, left-right, left-right, to the tune of Colonel Bogey. Those march pasts were agony for a serge-clad child like me, born out of step with other marchers and dancers.

Today is when I'm taking a look at posts from March 2009 and March 2010. Reminiscing and checking whether I wrote anything worth re-visiting.


How to Read Aloud and Wow Your Audience Tricks I use to bring reading aloud to life.

Fourteen Fantastic Hints on Reading Aloud The Queen of Read Aloud, Mem Fox gifts us with her ideas on reading aloud.

20 Ways to Incorporate Literacy into Your Kids Lives Fantastic guest post by librarian Valerie Baartz.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These My reminiscences about books from my childhood. If you have a childhood favourite you'd like to share with Book Chook readers, check out the information under the Contribute tab for A Book That Impacted My Life series.


Writing with Avatars (1) Ideas for using online avatar creators to help kids get into writing.

DomoAnimate An online studio where kids can create their own (minimal) animations.

Highlights Kids Highlights magazine has an online presence that invites kids to play and learn.

Literacy My Way I hosted a day called Literacy My Way for last year's Share a Story- Shape a future blog tour. This post is a list of all the contributors and links to their posts for Literacy My Way.

Sharing Stories Using Online Editors Online spaces to involve kids in creating stories. Can your child find his way into writing via one of these?

Is There Anything Older than the Book Chook? This was my fanciful but fairly useless title for a post about a website I love where you can make your own Bayeux Tapestry-style comic. Such fun!

It Takes a Village to Raise a Reader My interpretation of what that saying really means. I created the image above left at Toon Doo. 

It's Fun to be Frugal Inexpensive literacy ideas for your family.

Reader's Theatre 4 Different ways to use Reader's Theatre with kids.

If you're looking for book reviews from March 09 and 10, try the archive at right for those months. Find other posts looking back for January and February.
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