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A Book That Impacted My Life - Caz Makepeace

Here is the fourth in this special series of Guest Posts here at The Book Chook. Read the first at A Book That Impacted My Life - Kelly Burstow, the second at A Book That Impacted My Life - Virginia Lowe, and the third in A Book That Impacted My Life - Hazel Edwards. If you're interested in submitting an article about a children's book that has had an impact on your life, please use the Contact Me tab above. Today's article is from Caz Makepeace.

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Grandpa Chook had just been killed by The Judge in The Power of One.

My eyes felt the threatening jab of tears as I read the chapter aloud to my students. A heavy silence filled the air. I think they had by now forgotten the swear words their teacher had actually read aloud from the pages.

I was disappointed that I was only teaching them for the day and could only read them half a chapter from the abridged young adult copy of the book that has had the most impact on my life.

“You know I cried my eyes out during this part of the book when I first read it. It made me so sad to see what humans, who are so full of hatred and anger, can do to one another. I’ve since read it eight times, and I still cry every time. And every time, I find something new that I can learn from the book. There are so many powerful lessons about life that can be found within the pages of this story.”

I never knew it could be possible to fall in love with a character from a book, but Peekay was the man I most wanted to marry. And the wise teachers he met along his life path that helped shape him into the strong man he was to become, were people who helped give me the tools to become a better person in my own three dimensional life.

“First with the head and then with the heart, Peekay….”

This piece of advice given by the Boxing champion, Hoppie Greenwald is carried by Peekay throughout his life. He learns the importance of independent thought, spirituality and passion.

It is by utilizing these things throughout the story that Peekay is able to fight to bring justice to those who do not have a voice, as well as striving to achieve his own dreams to be the welterweight champion of the world.

The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay, reminds me to keep one foot in the logical world of the head, with the other firmly balanced in the world of emotions and spirituality. Use both of them to overcome obstacles, strive forward in life, develop enduring relationships, and allow my human spirit to triumph.

I hope the sixth grade students will learn similar lessons from it.

"The power of one is above all things the power to believe in yourself, often well beyond any latent ability you may have previously demonstrated.” ~ Bryce Courtenay
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