Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LEGO Literacy

Children's Literacy through LEGO Comics!
I love LEGO and its potential for encouraging learning, creative thinking and children's literacy. I wrote about it in LEGO and Literacy (1), LEGO and Literacy (2) and Construction Ideas.

So I was thrilled to discover the ComicBuilder at the LEGO City website.

It has a limited but reasonable range of options in the "library" including helicopters, boats and other vehicles. Kids can choose backgrounds, vehicles, people, speech bubbles, special effects and props from tabs at the top of the library, and drag them to the template they prefer. Templates range from single frame to multiples.

Some characters' positions can be altered with a pop-up editor, and size can be changed. Speech bubbles are also editable. Kids will have fun adding those extra props, explosions and special effects.

Once done, you can save your comic as a pdf to your computer, or print it out.

If your kids love LEGO, the LEGO ComicBuilder might be just the nudge they need to begin weaving some literacy into their LEGO creations. Why not start them on building pictures, and adding text within speech bubbles? After that, if they're interested, they might begin to build their own more complicated scenarios, take photographs and develop storyboards for a book or a short movie. Check out some wallpaper on the downloads page if your youngster needs inspiration for dramatic scenes he can build.

With LEGO, and children's literacy, the sky's the limit!
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