Thursday, April 28, 2011

Looking Back to April Past

Towards the end of the month, I like to revisit articles I've written in 2010 or 2009. Not only does this mean new readers of the blog may find something useful otherwise buried in the archives, but it also reminds me of content I can refer to when I write new articles.

April 2009

Make Your Own Comic at Make Beliefs Comix. A great comic strip generator.
The Book Chook Turns to Art. The US National Gallery of Art Kid's Page has lots to offer young artists.
Blogging? Glogging? Screen Me Up Scotty! Glogster is a fantastic place to make digital posters online.
Book Chook Ways to Start Writing Poetry. Some resources to get kids started.
Letter to the Book Chook. My response to a reader who wants her daughter to get the jump on Kindergarten by doing Phonics Workbooks.

April 2010

Online History Resources (3)
History Resources Online (2)
Online History Resources -
Try These Prompts to Encourage Kids into Writing Sometimes young writers need a starter.
Spelling City Excellent website to help kids with spelling.
Happy Birthday, Mr Shakespeare. Resources about William Shakespeare including how to talk like Shakespeare.
Involving Kids in Music (1)
Involving Kids in Music (2) Some websites that encourage young singers and musicians.
Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Play the game online.
Writing with Avatars (2)

If you're looking for book reviews from April 09 and 10, try the archive at right for those months. Find other posts looking back for March, January and February.
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