Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Writing Contest for Australian Kids

Writing Contest for Australian Kids
Children's Literacy Through Writing Contests

Writing contests can be a great way in to writing for some children. Talented writers may enjoy the opportunity to compete with others. Kids who've never shown much interest in writing before might be motivated by a prize. Other young writers will enjoy responding to the prompt organised by the contest.

Here's one for Australian students!

Writing Contest

Open to anyone currently attending an Australian school.

Write a response (poem, story, song, dialogue or description) to one of three pictures which you will find at this address.

At the top of your entry, put the title of your piece, your first name and last initial, your age and a valid email address. (A school one or gmail one is fine.) Save your entry as a Word or RTF document and send it as an attachment to sally@sallyodgers.com

One entry per person.

Entries close on June 30th 2011 and results and prizes will be announced in July.

More details on the website

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