Monday, May 16, 2011

Add Captions to Images with Bubblesnaps

Bubblesnaps adds speech bubbles to images.
Two weeks ago I suggested some writing fun for kids: that they create captions for pictures and photographs as a fun children's literacy activity. Here's a web app I found that's a very simple way of adding speech or thought bubbles to pictures from your own computer or from your Flickr account.

At Bubblesnaps, the first step is to locate your chosen photo then click to upload it. After that you choose a speech bubble, add text to it and edit if you need to. Last step is to email it to yourself or some lucky recipient. The email provides a link where the image can be viewed, or printed, so if you want an actual digital copy you can save to your computer, you need to take a screen grab of it.

If your kids want to try adding captions to their own art work, you'll need to scan that in to make a digital copy first. This would look great on a class blog but perhaps is more steps than you have time for. For quickness, forget digital. You could make up a template of a speech bubble, cut one out from plain paper and let kids write on that. Or they can simply draw their own speech bubbles. The same template would work if you want to add captions to a photo and use magnets to put them on the fridge.

The main idea of this caption activity is to incorporate writing into children's everyday lives. When write o'clock comes around, if you're short on time, brainstorm some titles or dialogue with your kids and have fun adding them to family snaps.
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