Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Build a Face at FlashFace

FlashFace is an online editor for building… yes, you guessed it, faces! You don't need to subscribe, you can start building straight away. But if you want to save your created face to the site, you need to give name and email. It reminds me of the software I see witnesses using in crime shows on TV.

Your working screen is next to a menu of face elements and you simply click on facial shape, hair, eyes, eyebrows etc to make them appear on your screen. Once you assemble the elements you want, you can tweak them by dragging them into position, or using the item scaler. Scrolling through options by means of the arrows makes them appear on your "face" so you can decide if they seem right for you.

This is an interesting website to have children examine facial proportions and look at the range of features in human faces before an art lesson. I think young writers would benefit from creating faces for their story characters, or building a random face, then letting it determine the direction their story will take.
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