Friday, May 6, 2011

Encourage Children's Imagination with Klowdz

Recently I discovered Klowdz via, one of my go-to websites for all things techie. Klowdz is an online drawing editor, but one with a unique twist.

When you click on the 'get started' button, you're given a picture of some clouds. If that picture doesn't strike a chord for you, it's easy to press the cloud icon and choose another. Then you set to work and use some different drawing tools to add detail to what you "see" in your clouds. Tools like furry lines, curvy lines, simple lines and chrome can also be adjusted for size and colour. If you're not happy with your creation, you can clear and start again.

You can save to your computer as a jpg, or join the site and save to their online gallery, which gives you a url to share with your friends. No joining necessary if you just want to play, and save to your own computer. The gallery of drawings based on clouds will interest young artists and make not-so-young not-artists like me green with envy.

It's great fun to lie with your kids on the grass and watch clouds drift by. Challenging them to recognise or imagine shapes in the clouds encourages creative thinking and develops their imagination muscles. What to do if it's a clear blue sky, or pouring with rain outside? Try Klowdz with your kids and let them enhance their imaginary creatures with some interesting drawing tools.

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