Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing with Images and Words at Fotoflexer

Words + Images = Creativity
I'm always looking for easy ways to generate words and images to express an idea. For a start, I like to create something simple of my own to illustrate a blog post as often as I can. If I can make someone laugh, that's a bonus. I do try to extend my creative skills whenever possible, and I'm usually crunched for time, so fast is good. But I also seek outlets for children's creativity too. I believe fooling around with words and images is a fun way to sneak a little literacy and learning into kids' lives. Fast is useful for short attention spans and "just five minutes more before bed."

Fotoflexer is similar to other online image editors in many ways. It lets you upload a photo from your computer or from a website. Uploading for me of the original public domain image above was quick. The editor has a nice big and clear interface, with several different tabs to choose from: basic, effects, decorate, animations. beautify, distort, layers and geek. There are lots of different effects but the tab I think kids will like is decorate. Here they can add stickers, text, glitter text, draw, erase etc. So here's the place for them to add text to an image. Inside stickers, they'll find a range of speech bubbles too, and then text can be positioned over the top of the speech bubble. Saving is a simple matter of clicking save (jpg or png), and storing the image in your computer.

I've only played for a short while at Fotoflexer, but long enough to discover it's quite a powerful online editor. The layers and geek tab offer some great features for adults too.

Children can learn lots about visual literacy while playing with images. Fotoflexer might be just the place for them to make a cartoon, annotate an image for an assignment, add a caption to a photo for Grandma or create some poetry. Best of all, it's a free online space for creating and having fun!
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