Monday, June 13, 2011

Create Art Online with the Saatchi Gallery

Psst! Wanna know where I've been playing? At The Saatchi Gallery. Hidden inside what is essentially an online gallery for buying art work is an art editor where I created the masterpieces you can see here today.

Caterpillar on wood with flowers
This is such an exciting art editor! There are many wonderful tools. It reminds me a little of the lovely art editor at CBeebies, Mister Maker Magic Paintbox (see my article, Playing with Art at CBeebies) which also has a wide range of tools for kids to explore. And it shares similarities with Aminah's World (see my article, Create Art at Aminah's World.)

The editor interface is a palette, with a canvas in the middle, and icons and tools around the outside. It's perfect for experimenting. Choose backgrounds like brick, paper or timber, and apply paint with brushes, sponge, roller or even ice cream. You can also change the background after you've finished drawing, and there's an option for increasing opacity with the spray can by right clicking. To save, you need to register, so I took screen grabs and added a daisy frame at Picnik. Sadly, even cheerful daisies could not hide the strangeness of my caterpillar!

Caterpillar in clouds with flowers
Do your kids a favour and let them play at Saatchi Gallery. Creating online using all these lovely tools is a great way to give in to their requests for screen time, yet make sure they're not busy killing postmen in some mindlessly violent game. As always, I advise parental supervision - there's one link back to the Saatchi Gallery home page which may have paintings and photographs you don't want your child to see.
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