Friday, June 3, 2011

Read Online at MeeGenius

Read Books Online at MeeGenius
Here's an interesting website where children can read books online. At MeeGenius, not only can kids have the story read aloud, but words are highlighted as it's read, making it easy to follow along.

MeeGenius is your virtual store for enhanced children's books. Available as a website, an application created for the Apple iPhone, iPad or iTouch, as well as Google TV and the Google Chrome Web Store, MeeGenius offers a selection of classic children's stories - both old and new - and enhances them with technology, with features such as word highlighting, audio playback and personalization.

Stories like Three Little Pigs, The Lion and the Mouse, The Little Red Hen and Jemima Puddleduck are on the free list. Some of the illustrations in the free books are charming - you can see an example of Jessica Golden's art work above. I'm a fan already!

There are six free books you can access, but the site also offers a personalised book experience, and books you pay for (from $0.99.) You can preview the non-free books before you buy, an excellent strategy to get an idea of the quality of the writing. (One of the books I previewed was in rhyme and rhythm that set my teeth on edge, so check carefully.) The audio recording is excellent. Most of the books seem to be re-told traditional tales, but there are some original ones.

Overall, the quality of my reading experience was good. Of course none of these digital books will ever replace real print books in my mind, BUT I truly believe there's a place for such books in family life. If you have an iPad, how wonderful to be able to access books so your kids can read while waiting in a queue somewhere! And screen time based around books certainly beats screen time shooting zombies, or is it just me who feels this way?
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