Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Writing Fun for Kids - Arthur Comic Creator

I believe in making writing fun for kids. Here's another comic editor that provides your kids and students with all sorts of goodies for creating a story in comic format. It's part of the PBS Kids website, and just one of a range of activities devoted to the character, Arthur, and his friends. Kids might have encountered Arthur books by Marc Brown in their local or school library. This Comic Creator is a perfect way to follow up reading an Arthur book, and gives kids the opportunity to link reading and writing.

The Arthur Comic Creator gives kids the option of starting from scratch, or of using a story-starter to finish a story. The story starter is a three-panel comic, with illustrations, and sometimes speech bubbles that need filling. Pull the handle again to find one you like. If you start from scratch, you can choose backgrounds, characters, props, editable speech bubbles and some extra words to create your comic. Clicking on an element in a panel means you can delete it or change it. When you press Save, it saves to your own computer as a jpg file. I found I needed to take a screen grab to get enough clarity for the blog though.

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