Thursday, June 9, 2011

Writing Fun for Kids - Boys' Life Comic Creator

The Comic Creator is part of the Boys' Life website. It's another cute online place where your kids can express themselves in words and pictures, and create comics. In other words, it's yet another website that encourages children's literacy.

The working screen appears as an empty room, but you can change that background to one of 6 options. Choose from Pedro, PeeWee and other characters, add objects and text. The editor allows you to move elements, resize, flip and see your panel as one of three. The speech/thought bubble is directly editable.

Unfortunately, the creator is limited to the characters and scenarios from the magazine, so there isn't a huge range of art to choose from. But it's worth a look, and a fun place for kids to explore. Use it as a jumping off point to introduce your kids to creating simple comics, then move on to more complex online editors like ToonDoo or Professor Garfield. Some kids will be creative enough to write and draw their own.

If you're interested in prompts to encourage children's creativity, whether that's in writing, art, or other pursuits, you might be interested in my Creative Prompt series. You can link to all the articles so far from the introductory post.
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