Friday, July 1, 2011

Changes at The Book Chook, July 2011

Changes are ahead at The Book Chook!

Cutting to the chase: What does this mean for you, The Book Chook reader?

It means less content in your inbox if you receive posts by email. My self-imposed schedule of five posts a week will drop back to around two-three posts a week. It means you won't see me online as much. It means Literacy Lava 10, published September 1, will be the final edition of Literacy Lava that I edit.

If these changes mean I lose some readers, I'm sorry to see you go, but so be it. My focus will still be on children's literature, literacy and learning, but I'll be cutting back on the hours (and hours!) I spend on blog-related research, social networking and staying on top of happenings in the cyber world. It's likely I will have even less time to comment on others' blogs, although I hope to keep reading when I can. I'll be continuing to write about wonderful children's books that I read, and great online resources I find. Just not as frequently as during the last two hectic years.

Image credit: Flickr R/DV/RS
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