Friday, July 22, 2011

Children's Writing - The Power of Sticky Notes

Kids love sticky notes. They can be a great way to get your children involved in reading and writing. Consider using sticky notes to:

Add a special note to your child's lunch box lid, perhaps a joke, a riddle, a reminder about soccer practice, or an "I love you" message.

Pop some spelling words or sight words your child is having trouble with onto sticky notes and then add them to some place central like the fridge door. Spend a little time revising them each day.

Have your kids write teeny tiny messages for each other onto just one sticky note.

Sequence a well known story. What happened first? What happened next? After that? What happened at the end? Make a storyline either vertical or horizontal with the sticky notes. They can be added to a desk or table, or even kept in a special notebook.

Make each sticky note a comic frame, and use them to develop a story told in comic format.

Play Who Am I? Write the name of a book character or famous person onto sticky notes and stick one to each person's forehead. They must ask yes/no questions to determine their identities.

I've used an online sticky note creator called Superstickies for my illustrations here. If you don't have real sticky notes, why not encourage your kids to use virtual ones instead? There's a choice of colour for background and print too.
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