Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Letter to the Book Chook - Creative Literacy

A week or so ago, I received an email from a blog follower:

Dear Book Chook, What do you think are the best ways to inspire literacy in kids using creative platforms?

Katie-Ellen, Reading Picture Books

Dear Katie-Ellen,

Rather than overwhelm you and other The Book Chook readers with all my favourite digital ways of encouraging kids to be literate AND creative, I'm going to answer your question in a series of posts over coming weeks.

I plan to divide my answer into The Book Chook favourites of:
  • Free online platforms for book creation
  • Free online platforms for making posters
  • Free online platforms for storytelling
  • Free online platforms for word play
  • Free online platforms for cartoon creation
  • Free online platforms for playing with words and pictures
  • Free online platforms that encourage reading
  • Not free, but reasonably priced software that encourages creative literacy
These might be new to some readers. I hope they will also serve as a reminder to long-term The Book Chook readers. My emphasis will be on creativity and literacy combined, so I won't be mentioning sites like Reading Rockets which tend to have helpful articles for parents and teachers. I have no intentions either of boring you by defending my choices - these may not be the best platforms if we took a poll, but they are the creative literacy resources I like best.

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