Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Looking Back to August Past

Towards the end of each month, I like to revisit articles I've written in 2009 and 2010. Not only does this mean new readers of the blog may find something useful otherwise buried in the archives, but it also reminds me of content I can refer to when I write new articles.


Letter to the Book Chook - Getting Ready for School - Some ideas for helping your youngster begin school.

The Divine Ms Mem - If you're as big a MemFox fan as I am, be sure to check out these videos of Mem reading aloud - divine!

When Should We Start Reading to Kids? - One of the most engaging videos I've seen shows the value of reading to babies.

Literacy Lava 1 Recap - Have you downloaded your free pdf copies of Literacy Lava? They're still available on my website. This post gives a little blurb about each article in the first Literacy Lava we produced.

Literacy in the Playground - You can also download Literacy in the Playground from my website - find chants, games and playground rhymes that support kids' literacy and physical wellbeing.


Use FlauntR to Play with Images and Text - A couple of Book Chook ideas for using a neat online photo editor with lots of effects including text.

Starting School - A letter from a mum whose son is soon to start school and my response

The Timer - A Parent and Teacher's Best Friend - Have you thought about using a stopwatch or egg timer when you're working with kids?

Fake Science - How using fake science can be a springboard to learning the real stuff. Plus I just love the idea of a tree octopus.

Nurturing Readers and Writers - Simple but powerful techniques for helping our kids become literate.

Playing with Art at CBeebies - So many charming activities for little kids - and chooks!

What Can We Do with a Newspaper? - Book Chook ideas for playing with and learning from the humble Daily Bugle.

Book Week Ideas - Guest Post and see my own recent suggestions for Children's Book Week too.

History Through One Painting - Check out this amazing painting and my ideas for using it to introduce kids to lots of learning.

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