Monday, August 8, 2011

Play with Fashion at Polyvore

It's a little known fact that the Book Chook is something of a fashionista. Correction: it's an unknown fact. That's because it's not true. But just because I take little notice of the clothes I wear, doesn't mean your kids and students feel that way. I know I tend to concentrate on primary aged kids with the resources I find, but sometimes teens can need a nudge in the direction of creativity too.

That's why I want to tell you about Polyvore. If you know someone who really has an eye for clothes and accessories, she or he'll love Polyvore. Kids can ask for and give style advice, shop, read articles and check out what other Polyvore people are creating, or create their own fashion displays.

Even if your kids aren't into fashion, I think they'll enjoy the creative aspect of this website. Polyvore has a create app where I played and produced the collages you see here. The website makes images and backgrounds available, and you can simply drag the ones you want to your canvas. Images are resizable, redraggable, can be flipped and cloned. There's a lot of variety, with music, colours, text, backgrounds and other items available. Most of it is aimed at teens but primary kids could play here with supervision. The fact kids can add text makes this a fun literacy activity.

If you register, you can publish what you make to the site. There's a newsletter too, where your kids can read about the look that celebrities like Emma Watson have, or how polka dots will add "caprice to your wardrobe" (Book Chook mental note - would dotty clothes turn me into a fashionista?)
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