Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking Back to September Past

Towards the end of each month, I like to revisit articles I've written in 2009 and 2010. Not only does this mean new readers of the blog may find something useful otherwise buried in the archives, but it also reminds me of content I can refer to when I write new articles.


Exploring Art at Curious Corner Lots of great interactive ways for your kids to play with art.

Plundering PBS Dinosaur Train and PBS Kids Island and what they offer kids and parents.

Resource Roundup Lists different learning and literacy resources from all over the internet.

Literacy in the Playground(3) I love what clapping and playground games off to children's literacy, in a fun and natural way. Here's a challenge! Learn a clapping game via this slide show. If you haven't grabbed it yet, download your free pdf copy of the booklet I created, Literacy in the Playground.

Useful Sites for Parents and Teachers and Useful Sites for Parents and Teachers (2) Both list some great educational resources.

Create Story with Storybird In case you're a new reader, and have not yet encountered my love affair with Storybird, here's when it all began. Find more Storybird examples via Book Chook Favourites - Book Creation.


Construction Ideas Do your kids love to create and build? I share ideas for construction projects that might inspire some fun.

GPS- Global Poetry System Found poetry is a wonderful family literacy project.

Create a Comic at Comic Master I love online comic editors. They encourage kids to play with words and pictures. Here's one with superhero type characters I'm sure boys will enjoy.

Creative Prompt - Start with a Video This is the third in my creative prompt series. Here I suggest encouraging kids to create somehow after watching a short video as a prompt.

The Story of 1 Great Maths movie.

Creative Prompt - a Poem, Where I'm From Second in the creative prompt series, this one uses a specific poem as a model for creative writing.

How Can We Support Emergent Readers? Some Book Chook tips for encouraging kids at the beginning of their reading journey.

Fast and Fun Writing with Kids Even a little writing is better than no writing at all.

Creative Prompt - Innovate on Something Else First and probably easiest in the creative prompt series. Imitating and innovating truly support young learners in their own creative processes.

Interview, Sandy Fussell Fascinating insight into one of my favourite Australian authors.

The Write-N-Ator I'm always looking for ways to start kids writing. Here's one.

Tuxpi - 42 Photo Effects and Picture Frames Great place for your kids to play with pictures and words online.

New Series - Creative Prompts from the Book Chook This post introduces the creative prompt series and also lists all the later prompts.
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