Friday, September 16, 2011

Scribblitt - New Writing Community for Kids

I love to find websites that encourage kids to write and be creative. Recently, I happened upon Scribblitt, and I decided to register with them to check it out. They describe the site as a launch pad for creativity where kids can write, illustrate and professionally publish their own books, comics and stationery.

ScribblittTM is a place where kids can unleash their creativity by using tools to help them create stories, comics and stationery. All finished products can be printed in a highly professional manner. As a member of the ScribblittTM community, you will have a chance to learn from the professionals, create, share, explore, and play.

Do I have to pay to use ScribblittTM? No payment is required on ScribblittTM for exploring the site, playing games, making books, creating illustrations, sharing your work online or entering our contests. Your parents will need to pay when you decide to have one of your products professionally printed and sent to you or someone else as a gift.

Scribblitt seems keen on protecting kids' privacy and upholding standards via a Code of Conduct. There are story starters for children who need ideas to get themselves writing. And there's an Illustrate Itt section, where kids can mix and match body parts and backgrounds to build characters for their stories, or create their own avatars. There's also a way for kids to upload their own scanned hand drawn illustrations.

Celebrity Corner hosts writing industry professionals who share tips and tricks, Word Games have four options and are interactive, and there's a community chat feature.

I tried out the comic book feature but it was coming soon. So I tried the other book feature. It worked okay. I was able to upload a picture for the front cover, and write text onto different pages, all the while saving my work. I wish there was a feature where kids could share their work with friends via email, or even an embed code to share stories on a class blog etc, but that's not the way the site is set up. Sharing can be done with the Scribblitt community, or entered into the site's contests.

My guess is Scribblitt is fairly new, judging by the amount of work posted so far to be shared with the communit, but I think it has potential for young writers. Kids from anywhere in the world can join and use the site to create stories etc for free, but right now, purchasing printed materials is only available for the USA. If your child is interested in writing, this might become an interesting and supportive community to join.

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