Monday, October 17, 2011

Book Chook Favourites - Customize Yourself

Several weeks ago, I had a letter from Katie, asking me to name my favourite creative literacy resources. Creative literacy to me, covers platforms that allow some sort of interactivity, combining literacy, like reading, writing, or communicating, with creativity. I've told you about several Book Chook favourites already: Book Creation, Making Posters, Cartoon Creation, Word Play, Storytelling and Reading.

Here are some favourite online places where kids can customise themselves, or create an avatar to represent them. There's less literacy in today's tools - I admit it. Not so much writing and reading built in perhaps as other Favourites I've mentioned. Also, this is not an actual photo of themselves kids are changing, rather an image they can make changes to. But creating something at these three web spaces is a fantastic prompt to get kids started on creating their own stories. And, oh boy, they're fun!

The Hero Factory

We've all imagined ourselves as heroes. I know your kids will enjoy creating their own heroes at The Hero Factory. Once you have a hero, the next step is the hero's story. What special powers does he have? What does he wear? Does she have any enemies? What problems might she have? How does she overcome them?
Build Your Wildself

Do you have a wild side? Do your kids? Find out for sure by using the art work on Build Your Wildself to imagine yourselves as critters. Add a tail, a crest, wings, whatever you choose, to a boy or girl outline. Just imagine how life would be like this! Where would you live? What would you eat? How about camouflage?

Bless this Chick

Bless this Chick reminds me of the fun I used to have playing with paper dolls. I think your girls in particular will love it. It's a little visually confusing at first, but take time to explore with your kids and it will become clear. The chick in the middle is there for you to adorn. Choose from hats, hair, clothes, pets etc by clicking on what you want. Scroll through choices with arrows. Once done, you choose the size you want and email it to yourself. Why not make a whole family of chicks and start writing their adventures?

Find more ideas that link children's writing with avatars in Writing with Avatars (1) and Writing with Avatars (2).
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