Friday, October 7, 2011

Children's Writing- Charlotte's Web Comic Maker

I love that the Scholastic website encourages young readers and writers. I told you a little about what it offers readers in Book Chook Favourites - Reading, and also described A Dog's Life and Myths Brainstorming Machine. Here's another offering from Scholastic - the Charlotte's Web Comic Maker. Creating a comic is a great way to get your kids involved in a little writing and creativity.

Making your own comic at the website is a simple matter of first choosing a layout. On the next screen, you are shown your layout and must add characters, objects, settings and bubbles to each frame. There are menu controls: flip, delete, make bigger/smaller, bring forward/back and rotate to help customise the pictures. The speech bubbles are easily edited for text. Kids can also see sample pages for inspiration. Once done, a child's creation can be printed out, or he can take a screen grab to save a digital copy.

If your kids have read Charotte's Web, or watched the movie, this comic maker might be just what they need to follow-up the experience. If you're a teacher, you'll also find a related lesson plan with helpful suggestions and downloads at Scholastic.

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