Monday, October 3, 2011

Link Reading and Craft with Bookmarks

Making bookmarks with your kids or students is a useful way to help them focus on the importance of reading for them. It doesn't hurt if it stops pages being dog-eared either! Kids who are into art and craft will enjoy making bookmarks, and relish the chance to express their creative sides.

It's fairly easy to find cut and colour bookmarks on the internet. DLTK has lots with different themes you can print out. But I found some online tutorials for bookmarks that are way cuter, and provide more opportunities for learning and creating.

Peek-a-Boo Mouse Bookmark Instructions

Wacky Bookmarks

Popsicle (icy pole) Stick Bookmark (These would make cute puppets too.)

Stained Glass Bookmark is pretty.

The ArtistsHelpingChildren website has instructions for various bookmarks, from simple to more difficult.

Here are bookmarks teachers may like to help students remember reading strategies.

I quite like bookmarks with funny or inspiring messages about reading. Creating a caption for a bookmark is a great way to involve kids in a little writing, too. Once you've come up with a caption, draw a picture, or look for clip art to suit.

If all that sounds like more time than you have, check out National Geographic's Bookmark Factory. There you can design and print your own bookmarks, by mixing and matching borders, objects and words.

Maybe you'd like to make your own new bookmarks with your kids. You could use the Bookmark Factory captions (see below), or come up with new captions about books and reading of your own.
  • Reading never gets old - draw or find a picture of someone/something old.
  • Read your way to enlightenment - you could try for a simple lightbulb, perhaps using paint or collage for effect.
  • Read your way to new worlds - perfect for a space-themed or fantasy picture.
  • Discover reading - lends itself to pictures of test tubes and mad scientists, or maps and explorers.
  • Reading is fun - try cute or special effects.

(Image credits,, made at Picnik)
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