Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Chook Favourites - Playing with Words and Pictures

A couple of months ago, I had a letter from Katie, asking me to name my favourite creative literacy resources. Creative literacy to me, covers platforms that allow some sort of interactivity, combining literacy, like reading, writing, or communicating, with creativity. I've told you about several Book Chook favourites already: Book Creation, Making Posters, Cartoon Creation, Word Play, Storytelling, Reading, and Customizing Ourselves. Today, I'd like to share some of my favourite online spaces where kids can play with images, and add text to that image.


Pizap makes it easy for young people to choose a background or upload a photo, then add characters, effects, text, speech bubbles etc. Great for story starters! Read more details and see a sample in my blog post about Pizap. I also made the image top at Pizap, from a background and some of their stickers.


Iaza is another online image editor where kids can edit photos, add stacks of interesting effects, and explore all sorts of options that add text, like posters, borders, and magazine covers. Read more and see samples in my post about Iaza.

Big Huge Labs

I've never written a specific post about Big Huge Labs, but have mentioned it in Book Chook Favourites - Making Posters and used it on Cow Appreciation Day. As you do. It's a great easy way for kids to make changes to a photo, often adding text as well, via a range of options.

Other posts where I've discussed using online editors as ways to involve kids in literacy are Tuxpi, FlauntRCartoonize Yourself, Quick Writing Online, and Add Captions to Images with Bubblesnaps.

Playing with words and pictures is a great way to involve kids in literacy and learning. The results might be used as a poster, a greeting for Granny, or be the spark of a story or poem. By encouraging our kids to create digitally, we are also helping them gain some of the skills they need for 21st century life.
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