Friday, November 18, 2011

Creative Prompt - The Burning House

What would you save if the house was burning down? What would your kids save? You need to decide if this activity is too stressful for your child/students. It's a fascinating one to think about for yourself and makes a great language or writing activity for teachers.

Here's a website that helps such a discussion get started. Take a look at some of the pictures and lists at The Burning House and discuss them. How different/the same are the choices? What kinds of people chose those items? Pick one picture and list, and describe the character who chose those things. Write a story about that character, including what actually happened in the fire. (Find more activities you could use with The Burning House at Nik's Quick Shout.)

Maybe your kids can assemble their own items and photograph them. Or they might prefer to draw the things they'd choose, or list and describe them. Consider using software like Comic Life to present their ideas, or make a slideshow or poster about them. Adding a creative component to discussions and lessons helps kids assemble their thoughts and beliefs, as well as express their feelings.

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Image credit, Morguefile with additions at Picnik.
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