Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking Back to November Past

Towards the end of each month, I like to revisit some articles I've written in 2009 and 2010. Not only does this mean new readers of the blog may find something useful otherwise buried in the archives, but it also reminds me of content I can refer to when I write new articles.


Create with Fish at Poisson Rouge
No, you're not really creating with fish. Just me being finny funny. But there's beaucoup de creativity at Poisson Rouge. Encourage your young child to explore.

World Hello Day
November 21 was Word Hello Day, but the bits and pieces I suggest can be done with kids any day.

Reader's Theatre 1 and Reader's Theatre 2
I love what Reader's Theatre can do for kids. Here are two articles I wrote explaining what Reader's Theatre is, and how I go about adapting literature into a Reader's Theatre script.

Scrap Coloring is so much fun. Let your children unleash their inner designers!

Literacy in the Playground
This is a booklet I made with loads of playground rhymes for your kids to skip, chant and clap to. Download it from the Free PDFs page at my website.


Creative Prompt - Start with an Old Picture
One of the Book Chook's Creative Prompt series, this guides kids through some ideas for using an old photo as a way to start being creative.

Photovisi - Easy Photo Collages
A free and easy online tool for creating photo collages

Creative Prompt - Look Within
Another in the Creative Prompt series. This time I suggest telling about ourselves and using an online tool like Notaland to express our own creativity.

Say No to Bullying
Some ideas and resources to help kids cope with bullying. "If we all work together, I truly believe we can make a change in society. If we can stop one child going to bed each night in tears, if we can prevent one suicide or total breakdown, why wouldn't we try?"

Crafting a Picture Book with Photos
A guest post from Aussie author, Tania McCartney, whose own Riley series of children's picture books were created this way.

Creative Prompt - Start with a Wacky Online Tool
More ideas for prompts to get kids creating.

Simon Says
Memory training online.

Making Books with Children - Newspapers and Books - Guest Post
From guru of book-making, Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord.

Let's Celebrate International Tongue Twister Day
Seashells on the seashore, anyone?

Creative Prompt - Start with Geometric Shapes
Another idea to use as a prompt for kids' creativity.

Let's Celebrate National Chicken Lady Day
How could I resist the idea of a holiday to celebrate chickens?

Book Chook Ideas for Making Books with Kids
Suggestions for ways to make digital and print books with children.

What's the Best Way to Say Merry Christmas? 
12 months old, but still has some great suggestions for your yule-tidal gift buying plans.

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