Monday, December 5, 2011

Children's Book Review, Little Treasures

Children's Book Review
Children's Book Review by Susan Stephenson,

Just in time for Christmas, or for any time you need a meaningful gift for that special child in your life, come Little Treasures. These captivating miniature children's picture books by Peter Carnavas and published by Australian publishers, New Frontier, come with an envelope for easy postage. Isn't this a neat idea!

There are four books in the Little Treasures series: Sarah's Heavy Heart , Jessica's Box, The Important Things and Last Tree in the City. I've previously reviewed The Important Things and Last Tree in the City, and found Sarah's Heavy Heart and Jessica's Box equally delightful. Carnavas chooses important themes like Family, Environment, Love and Self Worth, and he speaks to our hearts with both his writing and his illustrating.

I love that for not much more than the cost of a birthday or Christmas card, you can send a child a complete little picture book. One book is $Au9.95; the four books cost $Au29.95. Little Treasures are available from all good book stores or directly from the New Frontier website.

Remember, the gift of reading lasts a lifetime!

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  1. This is just beautiful. If I see this I'll be buying it!

    I still haven't bought Last Tree in the City despite knowing how wonderdful it is!

    My hubby said "no books" this christmas, perhaps because I buy books for our neice and nephew every year. To be honest, they get so many meaningless presents. Those toys last all of one day, I just think it's better to buy books.

    So, naughty me encouraged writing this Christmas!

    Yay! I can comment again.

  2. @Penny @ Wildlife Fun 4 Kids Yay indeed! I'm so pleased comments are working for you again. And for everyone I hope!


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