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Fun and Easy Ways to Make Digital Art with Kids

Fun and Easy Ways to Make Digital Art with Kids
by Susan Stephenson,

If you've been following The Book Chook for a while, you'll have picked up that I love to find simple ways to play with images and make digital art. After three years, I'm no closer to being an artist than I ever was, but that hasn't diminished my enthusiasm one jot or tittle.

Today I'd like to share some web resources I believe are simple enough for children to use to create a digital image (with supervision), and have fun with it. Many of them use Flash. For most you'll also need to capture the image you want by taking a screen picture with Grab or Jing or whatever program you have. Once you've captured it, the rest is up to you. (This page updated June 2017 to remove missing links.)

Scrap Coloring

Scrap Coloring This is one of my favourite resources - I wrote about it in Make Your Own Mandala and Scrap Coloring. As you can see in my image here, putting patterns inside a child's name would be a fun way to decorate a t-shirt. Go to the name page if you want to do this with your child.


Kaleidoscope Just like a real kaleidoscope, start a pattern and your lines are mirrored and multiply.

Graffiti Creator

Graffiti Creator This generates graffiti words. Put the words you want into the box and play with the settings until you generate what you want.

ZigZagPhilosophy This is interesting. Have fun building up lines a little like sand falling from above. Then grab the design you like.

Warholize Me Upload a photo, choose a colour and a saying, and click. Instant Warhol style photo. See top.


Iconscrabble Type text up to 18 characters into the box (Begriffe eingeben). Click Scrabble to see your phrase in letters. Press Bild herunterladen to generate a png image of your phrase and save it to your computer. Read more in my article.


Bomomo Choose one of the icons at the bottom of the screen, then click or drag on the screen and see what happens. Repeat.

Aminah's World Click on Create your own artwork. This loads an art creator where you can choose all sorts of objects to build a collage. Print. Or Save offers you an option to save the art work to your computer as a jpg. Read more in my article.

Word Cloud Generators like Wordle are an interesting way to generate an image of text. Read more in What's the Use of Word Clouds?

Okay. We've had a ton of fun, and maybe even learnt a little while playing with these image generators. But what can we DO with our creations?

Your imagination's the only limit. Here are some ideas I came up with. Please let me know via comments, "Contact Me" top left or via The Book Chook Facebook page if you have any more suggestions.

* Make a card, digital or print to send to someone your child loves
* Create your own screen saver
* Decorate a t-shirt or some other item of clothing
* Make 12 different images and create a calendar for someone as a gift
* Recreate what you've made digitally with paint or crayon
* Print out what you created digitally and use it in a physical collage


  1. This is great Susan.I'd like to try the Scrap Colouring myself but I think Miss Possum would like to try kaleidoscope! Your suggestions after image design look fun too!

  2. @Penny @ Wildlife Fun 4 Kids Let me know which ones you try, Penny - I think Miss Possum will enjoy them all!

  3. LOVE the scribbler- oh you are an irresistible distraction! Thanks :)

  4. @JoThank you - my work here is done!

  5. What a great collection of sites and examples! Thank you so much. Carolyn

  6. What a great collection of sites and examples! Thank you so much. Carolyn

  7. @Wise Owl Factory I hope you'll find something there that's useful to you, Carolyn!

  8. My daughter-in-law is an art teacher and she will love these! Thanks! Carolyn

  9. @Wise Owl FactoryThanks for organizing the Linky Party!

  10. I had fun playing with some (I need more time to try them all) of these resources. I can imagine that children will enjoy them even more. Thank you for sharing!


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