Monday, December 19, 2011

Review, Lotta Children's Magazine

I'm excited about a new find - it's Lotta magazine for 5-10 year-old kids, and is specifically designed for school holiday fun. It's completely ad-free, and will be released four times a year for the school holidays. $10 per issue for 60 pages makes it good value for money, and both Australian and international customers can buy it online.

Each issue will have a theme. The first is The Story Issue. All of its arts, crafts and activities are inspired by classic books and fairytales. I really like the range of activities, and the way they involve kids in purposeful and creative fun. It's jam-packed with stuff kids will really want to do, creative stuff, fun stuff, and yet still things we adults figure will help them learn, too.

Lotta magazine: The Story Issue is visually very appealing. The format is about paperback book size, ideal for young hands. Clear photographs accompany step-by-step instructions and the finished products are really enticing. I also love that there are pdf activity templates to accompany each issue freely available at the Lotta website.

Although it's aimed at children, I can see teachers and librarians grabbing this attractive publication. The activities in it are perfect for discussing visual literacy with kids, and make great models of factual text types. There are also activities that slot nicely into the English curriculum - like the Story Starter cubes, which will work as prompts for storytelling or narrative writing. You can see more activities in the little video on Lotta's Facebook page.

If you're looking for a gift for that special child, or just hoping to steer your kids towards creative play  these school holidays, check out Lotta - it's a lotta fun!


  1. This is a great idea - congratulations to the Lotta magazine people! ;)

  2. @Sheryl GwytherLots of wonderful things seem to originate in Queensland, Sheryl - right?

  3. I loved the description for the Lotta magazine. I am definitely going to order it. Thanks again for the chocka block, fun packed, inspiring resources and materials!
    What would we do without you!

  4. I agree with Sheryl- what a great idea!

  5. @sue stirling I love finding like-minded people who share my enthusiasm for resources kids will actually enjoy using, Sue!

  6. @RebeccaI think so too, Rebecca. There aren't too many quality magazines around for kids, and it's great to see support for Lotta growing.

  7. This sounds like a great teaching tool! The format sounds great!

  8. @JDaniel4's MomThe format makes it perfect for kids, I agree!


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