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Children's Book Review, The Scariest Thing of All

Children's Book Review by Susan Stephenson,

Children's Book Review
I adore children's literature, as you know. Today, I'm not just appreciating that great children's books can start a lifelong love of reading in kids, though they certainly can. I really like the way a children's picture book can help children learn to cope. In the case of The Scariest Thing of All, by Debi Gliori and published by Bloomsbury (2011), the theme is coping with fears.

A little rabbit has a seemingly endless list of things to be afraid of. Even his family aren’t sure how to help him overcome his anxieties!

One day, everything gets just about as bad as it can and the little rabbit finally has to face his fears. In so doing, of course, he realises that nothing is as big, bad or as terrifying as it first appears.

Don't you love that positive message! Kids will enjoy the humour, and the imaginative writing in this book. Little Pip the rabbit likens rainfall to "...the sound a vast hisster makes as it weaves its web." We read of a "...gobbler blowing bubbles at the bottom of the lily pond." And we rejoice as the Scariest Thing of All roars its loudest roar and goes inside for supper.

Gliori's illustrations are quirky, fanciful, entertaining. There are holes to look inside, tree rooms to investigate and scary creatures to tame. Kids will enjoy The Scariest Thing of All as a bedtime or anytime story, and caring adults will appreciate the opportunity for children to understand that fears, even irrational ones, can be put into perspective.

TOP TIP: There's a lovely activity pack to download on Gliori's website that includes a wordsearch, colouring in sheets, make your own Pip mask, a wild wood nature collage and more. Love it when writers and publishers add such value to children's books!

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