Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's Share the Library Love

Holidays are a wonderful time for creating family memories. Make your children's holidays even more special this year by including regular trips to your local library, or visiting libraries further afield. Even if you can't borrow books from a distant library, you can discover new books there, or just sit and share a lovely story together.

In Australia, 2012 is the National Year of Reading. Check out what's on offer at the website. Be sure to look for goodies to plunder on their literacy resources page.

I love the words on the great poster at left by Phil Bradley. Right now, my own love for libraries is resonating over the last two points:

1. Choose to have fun in a library and treat it as your own space.

2. Choose your library to help protect democracy, and to show people that reading, knowledge and learning is cool.

Is a library or ten in your future? What do you love about libraries? Do you have a very favourite library?


  1. We are a library loving household! Our cute little local library has just been knocked down and we are in a tempoary building while the new flash several story building gets constructed. Embracing the change and enjoying the library anyway :)

  2. Thanks heaps for posting this one! I love the poster and will try to get a hold of one!
    As a librarian (ex children's librarian!) it's such a worry to see our libraries being compromised. The last time I went to a storytime the young boy who ran it (badly) was the same one who gave me my dog registration at the council offices the next day. I'm still in shock.
    We will definitely be making a trip to the library these holidays!

  3. I love my local library!

    Ps. Australia rocks- 2012 as the National Year of Reading is very cool indeed!

  4. @Michelle Dennis EvansGood on you! I saw a wonderful quote recently: "Libraries are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination."

  5. @Kirsty Isn't it a great poster! It's available on his Flickr page, under a CC licence, so is ok to use. Maybe you can put one up in the council office???

  6. @Rebecca
    Yes, I agree Rebecca! About the rocks and the cool.

  7. Library has served as my 'home office away from home' for very many years in various forms. I LOVE libraries!

  8. @Jo Home office for so many people, Jo - thanks for joining in the library lurve!


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