Monday, January 16, 2012

Make a LEGO Comic at Pharaoh's Quest

If your kids love LEGO, I think they'll love making a comic at Pharaoh's Quest. (2014 update- no longer available.)

Based on the LEGO toy range, the comic maker provides backgrounds, heroes, mummies, creatures, treasures, captions and effects from which kids can choose. Backgrounds come in single or multiple frame templates. I was disappointed there is no way to add text of our own, but there are several special effects words available eg boom! pow! and even hieroglyph speech bubbles! Once an element is dragged to the working screen, it can be edited with larger/smaller, flip, rotate and move controls. Delete an item by simply dragging it out of the window.

There's an option to print out the comic, but for a digital version, kids will need to take a screen grab as there is no save function.

Making a comic is a wonderful way to involve children in some creativity and storytelling. Although writing is limited in the actual online comic maker, kids can still use it as a spark for a story of their own. They could handwrite or type a story, and use printed cartoons from Pharaoh's Quest as their illustrations. Younger kids will relish the opportunity to make stories that revolve around their toys. Play with literacy even more, and work out children's names according to the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet.


  1. The cherubs have discovered lego these school holidays, and I've discovered the joy of stepping on a piece of lego in barefeet in the middle of the night. This looks much less painful!

  2. @Green Mama I tried wearing hobnail boots to protect my tootsies but they made such a terrible clumping. In all honesty, it's worth it though - LEGO is so great!

  3. ohhh! My son and my nephews are Lego addicts. And my dad bought them lego star wars for the xbox over Christmas so now they want to play lego games all the time! This will be a good addition to their lego love and hopefully sneak in a little literacy!

  4. Hi, just discovered your blog and love it thanks! From memory (often poor!) the lego city police comic builder allows you to add free text in the speech bubbles

  5. @Sonya WThanks Sonya, and welcome to The Book Chook! I will have a post about LEGO city comic builder coming soon.


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