Monday, January 9, 2012

New Online Writing Classes for Kids

Children's and young adult author and former journalist, Dee White started teaching writing for children and teens after her creative 10 year-old was turned off writing by the length, format and content restrictions of the school curriculum.

She has taught writing workshops and classes in schools around Australia and runs regular school holiday workshops for all ages. Dee is an advocate of young writers and has been a mentor with the PLIESE program.

She believes that young writers need to be nurtured and says, "I started writing when I was seven years-old and haven't stopped since".

Writing Classes for Kids is a new resource set up by Dee to give kids the chance to explore their creativity, feel good about their writing and work towards publication.

"I really wanted to develop an affordable resource for young writers. Somewhere kids and teens could learn about writing and be encouraged to write, no matter who they were or where they lived."

"I started developing this site just for kids, but then I had enquiries from adult writers as well and realised that the lesson plans, particularly those for teens would also be relevant for adults."

"But I wanted the focus to definitely be on young writers because there are other sites out there for adults, but there's not much available for kids."


• Downloadable lesson plans on various aspects of writing including writing for fun, story ideas, plot, character development, setting, pacing, the road to publication, non-fiction writing and even grammar.
• Regular writing exercises and activities for all ages.
• Published authors from all over the world will visit the site regularly to share their tips on writing, talk about how they wrote their books and provide FREE writing activities.
• FREE quarterly writing competitions will be held at Writing Classes for Kids with winners receiving book prizes and writing products.
• Information will be provided about other writing competitions and publishing opportunities.
• Links to other great sites for writers.
• A manuscript assessment and mentoring service.

Most of the activities will be FREE but a $5 download charge applies to some lesson plans, and the manuscript assessments/mentoring will incur a cost. This is designed to cover the administration of the blog and the development of new lesson plans and resources.

For more information, contact Dee by emailing: Dee*At*deescribe*Dot*com*Dot*au


  1. Thanks for inviting me to visit The Book Chook.

    It's always such a wonderful resource.


  2. I wish they had this website (impossible since there was no Internet at the time, but still...) when I was a kid! I loved writing even back then. The visiting authors would have been my favorite part!

  3. @Angel ReadI hear you, Angel! We called it "composition" in my day, but I loved playing with words even then. Writing Classes for Kids has contests for adults too, so make sure to explore the site. Why should kids have all the fun?!

  4. @deescribewriting Thanks Dee! And snap! I was thinking the same thing about your websites!

  5. Hi Susan
    Thank you for sharing the writing resource. I love the way Dee provides such a creative way to start writing ie "close your eyes and imagine you have woken up in a different world!" I felt like writing a story myself! I can imagine children would be so inspired to write with these creative prompts. Thank you so much for sharing. I always appreciate the time you take to bring this invaluable resource to the blogging world!!

  6. @sue stirling It's truly wonderful to have your feedback and enthusiasm for children's literature and learning, Sue. Dee also shares great book reviews in her Kids' Book Capers blog at Boomerang Books - check it out:


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