Monday, February 13, 2012

Make Slideshows with Slideful

Slideful is an online slideshow maker I've been playing with. I like it because it's something kids can play with, adding text to their creations. You can add blank slides and type text onto them too, making it ideal for a short narrative or report. Font size and colour is customisable, you can choose colour of blank slides, and size of slides in your slideshow.

I made an example one, hoping to embed it below. It took a minute or so to upload the pics from my computer, but that's because they were big files and I wanted to see if Slideful could handle it. It could. I easily deleted some, added blank slides, chose special effects for captions and everything went very smoothly. Once I had my slides worked out, I chose a frame, and a transition (paint brush), then set the speed. (I also skipped the player and zooming options.) Finally, I was offered a range of options for what to do with my slideshow, and chose to get the html so I could embed it on my blog and show you.

Slideful is another tool in parents' and teachers' literacy toolboxes. It would even work as a simple alphabet "book" with kids taking photos of their desired letters (a for ant, b for bike, o for Optimus Prime etc) and then typing onto them. I can see it being useful to language teachers/students as a way to practise vocabulary. And because you can attach a slideshow to email (one of the options), it's a great techy way to communicate with Grandma and Grandpa, to tell them about your adventures.

For more ideas about using slideshows with kids, you might like to read my articles: The Book Chook Makes a Slideshow, and Book Chook Favourites - Storytelling.

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