Friday, February 24, 2012

Ten Writing Challenges for Kids

Writing challenges can be one way to switch kids onto writing. Adult writing classes do this too. They ask you to "write a story with no letter 'f' in it" or "tell a story in six words". I believe this kind of prompt can work for some people, some of the time. They're definitely worth a try. Sometimes, by concentrating on the parameters of the challenge, we can unleash our inner creativity. I saw this work over and over with my drama students. If I asked them to choose any topic they wanted to create a scene about, they would spend ages arguing with each other or staring into space. But ask them to improvise a scene about a goldfish, a football player with a problem, and a cranky teacher, and Whoosh! They were immediately full of ideas.

Here are ten challenges that just might inspire some writing in your kids.

1. Write a story about a mad monkey without using "and" once.
2. What if you had a pair of magical, emerald-green, curly-toed slippers? Write about your first adventure without repeating any word twice.
3. Open a dictionary. Put your finger on a word. Do that three times. Use those words in your 49 word story about shopping.
4. Write a story about a wet cat, an itchy shopkeeper, and an umbrella salesman.
5. You look in your pocket and find a miniature unicorn. Describe it in 50 words.
6. Write an advertisement in 67 words for a product called Gloppo.
7. Describe the messiest bedroom you can imagine without once using the letter "m".
8. Write a 99 word letter to the editor, complaining about the children of today.
9. What if you had a pet potato? What would you call it? What would it look like, sound like, do, love to eat? Ask your friend to choose a number smaller than 100 and write this many words about your pet potato.
10. Change the words of a song you know to make a new one.

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  1. I love these challenges, especially no. 4. I only wish I'd been given stuff like that at school.

  2. @ElliMe too! Number 4 does sound like fun - putting elements that are really different near each other is a great way to spark creativity, I find.


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