Monday, March 5, 2012

Make Comics with LEGO Hero Factory

You've probably picked up by now that I love LEGO. I truly do. I told you about the ComicBuilder from the LEGO City website in LEGO Literacy. I wrote about ways to link LEGO building and literacy in LEGO and Literacy (1), and LEGO and Literacy (2). And more recently, I wrote about Pharaoh's Quest, another LEGO online place for creating with LEGO.

Building with blocks is great for creative and critical thinking. Any catalogues with LEGO sets in them make great reading and discussion material at home or in the classroom. Reading directions for how to assemble LEGO sets is excellent for functional literacy. Using LEGO comic builders as a prompt for story writing is not only educational, it's great fun!

So why not try out this LEGO comic maker with your kids? It's called the LEGO Hero Factory Comic Builder. (Update 2014: comic builder no longer there.) Click to start, and your screen loads with the builder. Select a layout, then choose background(s), character(s), speech bubbles and effects. You can change character positions in the control panel on the left, and change sizes on the slider. The finished comic can be saved to your computer as a pdf, or printed out.

Making comics with something your child knows and loves, like his LEGO toys, is a great way to sneak some literacy into his life. And I bet he'll have fun too!

Read more about comics and cartoons in Book Chook Favourites - Cartoon Creation.


  1. What a great idea. This looks like an excellent way to motivate students to write, especially the 2nd grade boys that I teach.

  2. @EmilyI believe so too, Emily. Thanks for commenting! If you would like to discover writing ideas for your students, check out my Writing Activities page on ScoopIt:


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