Monday, March 12, 2012

Sharing My Beautiful Curves

Sorry to disappoint, but this post is not about a Book Chook squashing her feathery plumptitude into a tiny bikini!

At the end of 2011, in Fun and Easy Ways to Make Digital Art with Kids, I wrote about websites where kids can play with digital art, and ideas for using the results. Today I want to share a new toy: Beautiful Curves.

It's simple enough that anyone who can wield a mouse can use it. Choose a colour by clicking it, adjust two sliders - longer/shorter and thicker/thinner - then put your curser in the workspace and swirl. The result can be saved to your computer as a png file. My sample can be seen here ( I framed and resized at Picnik.).

Maybe Beautiful Curves isn't true art, but it's fun and I find it relaxing and satisfying. I think your kids will too. Besides, a debate on "what is real art?" would take more space than Blogger has room for!

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